Fruit Flies
Fruit Flies

12 Steps To Help Eliminate Fruit Flies At The Bar

Small flies such as fruit flies can be a serious nuisance at your bar. No customer wants to sit at the bar and swat at fruit flies on their glass. Fruit flies have the potential to lay about 500 eggs and those eggs can be adult fruit flies laying more eggs within one week. If you really want to control fruit flies at your bar, we have to control more than the adult fly. The target has to be the eggs, larvae, and pupae. For fruit fly adults to be present, moisture and organic matter has to exist for up to a week to allow the fruit fly to complete its life cycle. So as we try to eliminate fruit flies we need to not only kill the adult flies, but remove the moisture and organic matter that are allowing them to complete their life cycle.

12 Steps To Help Eliminate Fruit Flies At The Bar

  1. Wash out your drains each night. Remove covers and thoroughly clean drain and covers 1 time per week with a brush to remove any organic build up.
  2. Inspect the beer tap drain and remove any organic build up inside each night.
  3. Break down the soda dispenser tray each night and remove any organic buildup and allow to dry overnight.
  4. Clean floor mats each night and hang to allow them to properly dry.
  5. Mop floor each night including areas behind equipment.
  6. As equipment is pulled, wipe down walls of any splatter from the day to prevent attracting fruit flies.
  7. Inspect floor tile grout for damage along floor and wall and have repaired if grout is damaged. These areas allow moisture and organic matter to penetrate behind the tile and provide harborage sites for eggs, larvae, and pupae.
  8. Repair wheels on equipment to allow for easy pulling out each night and removal of any organic build up from the day behind equipment and on the floor.
  9. Inspect the hoses from the beer tap and soda dispenser leading to the drains. If buildup inside the hoses is evident, have the vendor replace with new hoses.
  10. Inspect the tray for the beer tap drain to insure it is properly sealed to the bar with no gaps that would allow moisture and organic matter to get underneath. If the tray is not properly sealed, remove the tray from the bar and clean underneath, reattach and properly seal. The tray is normally attached by a nut underneath the bar top.
  11. Inspect the bar top for gaps that would allow moisture and organic matter to penetrate. These gaps can be inspected with a putty knife to check for organic matter by inserting the putty knife into the crack slowly running along the crack for evidence of organic matter. Have these cracks repaired.
  12. Use floor fans at night to dry areas of the bar such as low places in floor, etc.

If you have additional questions or would like additional assistance dealing with a fruit fly issue at your business in East Tennessee, call Epituer Pest Solutions, LLC at 865-363-1155 or contact us online.

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