About Epituer Pest Solutions, LLC Knoxville, TN

Epituer Pest Solutions Service VehicleBefore establishing Epituer Pest Solutions, LLC in 2017, Bryan Walker embarked on a journey that began with earning a degree in Entomology from the University of Georgia. Bryan spent 16 years with a national pest control provider, spanning across regions including Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. His tenure culminated in Knoxville, TN, where he assumed a leadership role for the national provider until his departure in 2016, marking the inception of Epituer Pest Solutions.

Since the inception of Epituer Pest Solutions in 2017, Bryan, together with his dedicated family, has devoted unwavering effort to nurturing a locally owned pest control provider. Our central focus revolves around delivering top-tier pest control services tailored to the needs of families and businesses within the Knoxville, TN vicinity. Our ultimate aim revolves around fulfilling the commitments we make to homeowners and business owners, ensuring a pest-free environment for both their families and clients.

What Sets Epituer Pest Solutions Apart?

  • Our core emphasis is on providing pest solutions, not just pest control.
  • We undertake a thorough analysis of the underlying causes, addressing and rectifying the issue, while simultaneously eradicating the current infestation to preclude its recurrence in the future.
  • We aspire to forge lasting partnerships with our clients. Acknowledging the multitude of pest service providers available, we strive to establish ourselves as the preferred choice through the quality of our service and our courteous and professional conduct. We are resolute in leaving no room for uncertainty in our customers’ minds when it comes to selecting their pest control partner, recognizing that our clients are the very foundation of our company’s existence.