Effective Strategies to Prevent Fleas During the Summer

Like any homeowner, you want to keep fleas from taking up residence in your home or on your pet. Luckily, if you begin taking simple steps this spring you can prevent the flea from ruining the summer for your pets and family.

Control Of Wildlife And Feral Animals Around Your Home

  • Have any wild animals removed by a licensed wildlife operator that has taken up residence in your home and have entry point repaired. This area should be treated for fleas once the animal is removed.
  • Trim tree limbs back from roof to prevent animal access to the roof top.
  • Inspect the perimeter of your home for entry points in areas such as crawlspace vents, crawlspace doors, soffits and chimneys.
  • Do not leave pet food out to attract animals to your home.
  • Decks should be sealed to prevent animal harborage underneath.
  • Inspect and eliminate harborage areas around non attached sheds and garages on property.
  • Keep lids on garbage cans secured to prevent attracting animals to your home.

Vegetation Management

  • Regularly mow your lawn.
  • Trim or plant shrubbery to promote sunlight and air movement. Flea larvae cannot survive sunlight and low humidity.

Interior Cleaning Of Your Home

  • Reduce clutter in the home. Fleas tend to avoid high traffic areas and by removing clutter you ultimately reduce harborage areas.
  • Vacuum your home a minimum of one time per week and more often if a flea is found.
  • When vacuuming, don’t just vacuum high traffic areas. Focus on baseboards, under furniture and anywhere pets are spending time.
  • Once vacuuming is completed, empty in trash bag and dispose outside in garbage.
  • Wash pet bedding in hot water and dry one time per week. Vacuum under pet bedding or inside kennel while washing the bedding. Wash or wipe down kennel during this process.

Pet Grooming And Treatment

  • Consult your veterinarian for treatment options for your pet. Don’t wait until your pet already has a flea issue.
  • If your pet has long hair, consider having your pet’s hair cut short for the summer to make it easier to see fleas on your pet.
  • Regularly comb your pets to help remove fleas.
  • Have your pets regularly bathed during the summer to help prevent flea issues.

If you have additional questions on flea prevention or need assistance on eliminating fleas from your home or business in East Tennessee, call Epituer Pest Solutions, LLC at 865-363-1155 or contact us online.

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